March - April, 2016
Dear Pass Me Not Supporters:

       We would like to take this opportunity to ask for prayers for Madam Vilbren and her family.  She is one of our widows that we help with food

each month.  This month we had to change her help from rice and beans to soup.   Her appetite is very minimal and she does not want rice and beans.  
One of the men from the church in Batey Central went to see her and she told him that she just wanted soup so we switched her help to chicken
soup, tomato soup, oatmeal, and a finer oatmeal that the daughter can use to make a drink for her.  It saddens our hearts to tell you that Madam
Vilbren is very ill.  She has been bed ridden for some time and is wasting away.  We are not sure how old she is, as she does not even know what year
she was born, but she is way up in years and God has been very good to her.  She is one of the original members of the church in Batey Central.  
Her presence, with her cowboy hat, is greatly missed in the worship services.
       We were also able to distribute rice, beans, oil, chicken bullion, coffee, sugar, and oatmeal to the rest of our widows and widowers this month

thanks to your help.  
       Sickness has been all around us.  Many of the people have had fever, headache, and joint pain.  We have distributed a lot of pain medication and

have been able to purchased many prescriptions for them.  Pray that the medication and treatments that they are receiving work and they begin to feel
       Luisa, one of the orphan children, will be graduating this year.  She approached Bob and few weeks ago and ask him if he would walk in with her.  

She shared her heart that he was the one true father figure in her life.  He was very sad to find out that he will not be in the country as Mary will be
having another bone marrow biopsy during that time.   She understood, but we know that she was sad too.  We helped her with the expenses of her
graduation such as her diploma, cap and gown, her senior picture, etc.  Pray that she will remain faithful in church and teaching the children in Sunday
       We were also able to help the Christian School in Batey #5 this month to give a bowl of soup to the children each day.
       Now, we want to share a praise with you and that is Lemark was finally given a date for his hip replacement!  He will be having surgery on Thursday,

the 28th of April.  Please pray that the Lord will guide the doctors hands and for his recovery time.  We want to say thank you for your faithfulness in
giving as none of this would be possible without your sacrifices!  God bless you all!






        Disaster Victims

                                         Mary Johnston and Lawanda Flynn
                                         Psalms 19:17