On a Mission to Help
Haitian People
Disaster Victims
Some of our widows/widowers do not have
family in the Dominican.  Others have been
abandoned by their children and have no one to
care for them.  The church does what they can
to help them.  We assist them each month
with food, medicine, and care.
A small Christian school has been started in
Batey 5 for ages 4 years to 13.  The ministry
provides curriculum and supplies for each
student. A meal of chicken noodle soup or
labwi, which taste like cream of wheat, is
served each day.  This is the only meal that
some of the children  will have for the day.
Clothing/Household Ministry
The clothing ministry helps provide items
ranging from church clothes to everyday and
work clothes. Our household ministry
provides items such as sheets, towels,
blankets, and beds .  Blocks, cement, and tin
are provided at times to complete a room or
two on the home of a needy family.  
Food Pantry
We have families that search weeks for
work.  If no work is found the family goes
hungry.  We assist with rice, beans, and oil
to feed them for a couple of meals.  When
food is received on a container we do a
distribution to the people in need.
Medical Assistance
Over the counter medications are given out for pain,
fever, and colds.  Prescriptions for diabetes, heart,
blood pressure, and asthma are purchased when the need
arises.  We assist with worm and fungal infection
medication,  monitor blood pressures and help the sick.
Outreach/Disaster Relief
We help families with cleanup after floods and
hurricanes.  Repairing and rebuilding damaged
homes and churches.  Supplying food, tents, kitchen
and personal hygiene items.  Our facilities provide
shelter and meals during a natural disaster.  On
occasion the safety of the people is in jeopardy
and a place of refuge is provided as well.
Orphaned Children
This assistance helps four children who have
lost both of their parents.  Between Pass Me
Not Ministries and a Christian School class
in the states they receive food, clothing,
school supplies, and a place to live.
Gift Ministry
Christmas gift bags and boxes are provided
for the children in the Sunday School
department of the different churches and
the Christian School.  When a baby is born
we give the mother a gift box with baby
items and a baby quilt.
Sewing Class
Sewing classes have been started for the
ladies.  We are teaching them how to make
small items such as place mats, napkins,
skirts, pillowcase and t-shirt dresses.   
They will be able to make these items to sell
in the market.