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Missionaries To Haiti & Dominican Republic
                                                                                                                            Nov. and Dec., 2016
Dear Supporting Churches and Praying Friends,


      As we come to the close of yet another year, we reflect back on all that God has allowed to come into
our lives; the blessings, the trials, the joys and the hardships.  And even though some of them may have
been hard to bear, the Bible says that we are to Praise and Thank Him in all things, and I do.  
      There are also so many things that transpired over the last year that have Wonder in them.  First
and foremost, as we reflect on the The Wonder that our God would become flesh and be born of a virgin
and dwell among us with the only intent to die on the cross and take upon Himself the sins of the whole
world.  The Wonder that God would call and use men and women to carry out His will on this earth; and
The Wonder that is seen when a sinner believes and receives Christ as their Saviour.  I am truly at awe
at The Wonder of how God used my husband for 27 years, to start works among the Haitian people and
how even though he is no longer here, those works continue on through the men who he trained.  Since
his death, these men have branched out in new areas preaching the truth of the gospel and they have
seen souls saved and baptized and are holding weekly bible studies with the intent of starting a church
very soon in each of these new areas.  We have already rented a building for one of these areas where
they have seen
 17  more people saved.  Another area farther up the mountain past LasGuazaras has
 9  people saved and 4 of them were baptized.  In the Batey close to the town of Azua, they have
 14  people saved totaling  40  more people who accepted the Lord since my last letter.  
      The Bible College is closed down for the Christmas holidays and will reopen again in Jan.  Please
pray for these students and also for the teachers as they train these men and women in the truths of
God’s Word.  
      It is also a Wonder to me that God has seen fit to allow me to continue to be a part of this ministry
working with the Haitian people. The Pass Me Not Ministry has once again had the privilege of meeting
the needs of all the widows, widowers, and orphans again in Nov. and Dec. along with the Christian
School in Batey 5, and all of the children’s bible clubs.  Please pray for me as I am planning another trip
into the Country in February with a work crew to put the roof on the church at Couchilla.  Please pray
that God would work out all the details for those who will be going with me, and also that I will be able to
finish all the lessons that I have been working on to take back with me for the ministry.  Lastly,
continue to pray for all the pastors who are faithfully holding down and continuing on with the
      Remember, “Faith that is sure of itself is not faith; faith that is sure of God is the only faith there
                                                                                                                               Your Servant For Souls,
 Mary Johnston


                                                                                                                                     July,  2016
Dear Supporting Churches and Praying Friends,


  This is by far, probably the hardest letter that I have written.  I realize that the majority of you
already know this; but on Wednesday, June 1st, on interstate 70, we were rear ended by a semi.  I
escaped with only minor injuries and bruises, but Bob did not make it.
  About two weeks prior to the accident, Bob preached a message entitled, “When God re-writes your script”.  
Well, throughout our life and ministry together, there have been many changes in our script;
but those life changes were all played out together.  But on that day, June 1st, my script was completely
“re-written”.  I have had several people ask me what my plans are now.  I will tell you exactly what I told
them; and that is right now, I am just reading the new script (the Bible) and I will follow whatever path
He has for me next.  I do know that I will be returning to the Dom. Rep. on July 11th and will be staying
through the end of the month.  I covet your prayers for God’s protection and His leadership.  
  I have been in contact with all the pastors and men in leadership positions in the churches there
and they have all encouraged and assured me that they have all decided to stand firm and continue with
all that Bob instilled in them.  They also assured me that nothing would change and that even though
Bob would not be returning to the field physically, he was still there because of the teaching and training
that he had instilled in all of them.  
  They have also already proven that the gospel will continue to be preached in new areas as Pastor Richa
called me just last week and shared with me that he and several men in the church at Batey 5 had visited a
new Batey called Mena.  They have already had
 20  people accept Christ and they plan to go
back every Saturday and hold Bible Studies with the goal being to start another new church there.  Gilbe
also reported another
 4  saved in Barahona totaling  24  salvations this month.
  These men have already proven that they are trained and ready and now it is time for them to step
up to the plate and take the mantle and carry on.  Pastor Richa and Gilbe also both have assured me
that they will continue to teach in the Bible College to train up even more men to carry on and to stand
in the gap.
  I plan to help them in any capacity that I can and I also plan to continue with the Pass Me Not part
of the Ministry helping the widows, widowers, orphans, Christian Schools, etc.,  as long as the funds will
allow me to do so.  I will continue to send out a letter bi-monthly to give a report on the ministries.   
  Again, God bless you all for your love and faithfulness to this ministry!

                                                                                                                          Your Servant For Souls,
Mary Johnston

                                                                                                                            May,  2016
Dear Supporting Churches and Praying Friends

 We read in Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  
We should allow faith to claim us as a whole, not in part.  Faith is not a faculty, faith is the whole
man rightly related to God by the power of the Spirit of God.  Have you ever noticed that it seems to be
easy for us to have the faith to ask God to save our wretched souls, but for some reason, it seems much
more difficult for us to have the faith to trust Him in the actual details of our lives.  Hebrews 11:1 says
that “faith is the substance of things hoped for,” which means that everything that we do in and by faith,
should always translate into substance.  The first substance of your faith, was your salvation.  You can
not actually see it with the physical eye, but you can see the changed life which is a result of your faith
in the finished work of Christ.  Each time you pray, in faith, the answer to that prayer is the substance
of your faith.  And each time you go out, in faith, to share the gospel of Christ with others, and they
accept Him as their Savior, your faith has translated into the substance of souls added to the Lambs
Book of Life.  
 A couple of months back, I wrote about a man from Batey Central, who was a Christian Reform
Pastor who came and assisted a class on the doctrine of salvation in our Bible College and he got saved.  
His wife was also saved on visitation the very next day.  Since then, he has brought several people with
him to the classes on salvation from the village of San Rafael, and they too have accepted Christ as their
Savior.  I recently sent 2 men along with Pastor Richa to this village to canvas the area and to preach
the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ which resulted in another
 17  more souls who accepted Christ as
their Savior. I have prayed for over two years that God would allow me to plant a church in this village,
as there is not one other Baptist Church anywhere in that area.  Sometimes your faith may not translate
immediately into substance, but if we “Be still and know that He is God”, it will, if it is His will!  There
were also another
12  saved in Batey Central,  20  more were saved in the Camp this month, and  2  were
saved in Cabral which along with the
 17  from San Rafael totals  51  souls saved this past month.
 Almost 27 years ago, many of you had the faith to send us as missionaries to the Haitian people.  
We, by faith, went, and now our faith collectively, has translated into the substance of even more souls
saved and added to your account to which we give God all the praise, honor, and glory!


 We once again had to come stateside for Mary to have another bone marrow biopsy to make sure
that her leukemia is still in remission.  When we went to her oncologist, she first had blood work done,
as usual, and her counts were so good this month, that her oncologist decided to cancel the biopsy.  
Praise God!  Before we return to the field, we plan to take a couple of months to travel to the east coast to
report to a few churches, which we have not been to in almost 8 years.    Please pray for our safety as we
travel, and that we would be a blessing to those churches that we visit.  
                                                                                                                          Your Servants For Souls,
                                                                                                                          Bro. Bob and Mary Johnston

April, 2016

Dear Supporting Churches and Praying Friends,

People tend to look for joy in external things or in people.  Some may say they find joy in small
little pleasures, like the seasons or in music.  But this kind of joy will fade when the seasons change
or the music stops because these things are temporary.  
True joy comes from within; it comes by having a true relationship with God and by being obedient
to His will for our lives.  Joy is a natural response when we behold God. It doesn't matter what our
external circumstances may be, we can still have joy.
We have been dealing with much sickness lately among our people and even I have had a very
long bout with bronchial pneumonia.  But even though external circumstances have not been the best,
we continued on in obedience to God to do His will and our joy is overflowing.
We have been very busy this month as it started with a Pastor's Conference which ended in the
men being encouraged and recharged.  Then just 4 days later, we had an "Old Folks Conference" for
those 60 yrs. or older from all the churches.  We had around 54 who attended and they were first fed
the Word of God, and then fed a wonderful meal of rice, beans, and beef.  After the meal, they were able
to play some games out in the yard of the College property.  Even Memenn, one of our widows with only
one leg, sat in a chair in the yard and played games with them.  Our joy overflowed as we watched them
enjoy the whole day.
Then, the very next week, Mary and my sister Lawanda held a Ladies Conference where they
invited all the women from each church.  Their theme for the conference was "Getting the Devil Out of
our Lives, Homes, and Churches".  They have had many comments since from so many of the women
how their lessons have changed their lives that they can't wait for the next one.  There were only 95
women who could attend this conference but Pastor Richa said that with what he has heard from the
ladies in his church, that he does not believe there will be one lady who does not come to the next one.  
(Again, joy from obedience)!
But the highlight of our joy came from the results of the obedience of the preaching of the Gospel
in both the churches and on visitation.  There were
 4  people saved in LoSolar,  3  in Cabral,  3  in
Batey Central, and
 15  more in the Camp totaling  25  saved this month.  There were also  13  people
who followed their Lord in scriptural baptism.
As I stated earlier, true joy comes from within.  It comes when you have a true relationship with
God and are obedient to His will for your life.  No matter what the external circumstances of your life
may be, you can have joy!  
God bless you all!
                                                                                                        Your Servants For Souls,
                                                                                                        Bro. Bob and Mary Johnston


Dear Supporting Churches and Praying Friends,
God put into every man a will.  He does not expect us to give up that will, but rather to exercise it.  We exercise
our will in every decision that we make.  For the Christian, when a decision is before us, we can will to obey the
leading of the Holy Spirit which is in us or we can will  to obey our own fleshly lusts and desires.  The same applies
even for the lost.  When the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached, and the Holy Spirit of God begins to draw the lost to
the understanding of his need of salvation, it is that moment that our will must react.  We can will to obey the
leading of the Holy Spirit and accept Christ as our Savior, or we can will to reject Him.  But there comes a time in
the lives of us all when we can no longer exercise that will, when there is no chance to make any more decisions and
that is when we die; but then it is too late.
I heard or read a statistic recently which stated that over 1,700 people die annually in the US from crashes
caused by drivers going the wrong way on the highway.  It would be terrifying to see a vehicle racing toward you
going the wrong direction.  I believe the statistics said that most of those drivers were drunk, some had gone up the
wrong ramp onto the highway, some were just fleeing from the police, and others may have just been negligent.  
At any rate, it’s always dangerous to be going in the wrong direction.  This is especially true when it comes to the
destiny of our eternal souls.  There are so many people today going in the wrong direction and some don’t even
realize it.  They have been drunk (deceived) by religion.  They think they are on the right ramp (road) but are
heading in the wrong direction.  Some may have even made a false profession in fear just trying to escape the police
(flames of hell).  For others, it was just plain negligence.  This especially is when that choice of the will is so
What I’m about to tell you is not anything new.  It has happened to so many others already, but it is such a
sad commentary.  There was a man from the mountain of LasGuazaras whose family is faithful in the church there.
They had invited him to come to services with them many times and he finally came a few times and heard a clear
presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit was dealing with this man but his choice of will was to
wait.  He said he had plenty of time and he decided not to accept the Lord.  He had loaned another man in the
village some money and that man had never paid him back so he went to him to ask for the money.  The man told
him that he would kill him before he ever paid the money back.  Sadly, the next week he went to work in his
garden and when he didn’t return after 3 days his family went to check on him.  They found him dead in his
garden with his head cut off.  Unfortunately, he died without the Lord; but it was his choice.  
I’m very grateful that not everyone who hears the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, wills to reject Him.  
What I’m about to tell you now, is also not anything new.   It has happened to so many others already, but it is
such a wonderful commentary.  A few weeks ago, I ran across a man in Batey Central who I have known for quite
awhile and have witnessed to several times. He is a Pastor of a Christian Reform Church in the village of San
Rafael.  I began to talk to him again about the Lord and salvation. He said that he was very interested in what I
was saying but did not understand the things I was sharing with him as he had been taught so differently.  I was
having a leaders conference the next day and the Holy Spirit lead me to invite him to come and listen to the
message I was going to give to the men.  He came and was intrigued at what he heard.  He asked if he could come
and sit in on the Bible College classes to learn more.  Since Gilbert is teaching on the Doctrine of Salvation this
semester, I told him to come and listen.  After the very first class, he accepted the Lord as his Savior.  His wife was
saved the next day on visitation. The very next class, he brought
8 of his members with him and they too received
Christ. The next week, those 8 along with 4 new members came and all
4 received Christ. Last night, there were 19
people present and
7 more of them received Christ as their Savior.  They have all realized they were going in the
wrong direction and have decided to change their destination and their direction.  Please pray with us as we both
train and direct them in the truths of God’s Word.  There were also
2  more saved in the church in Cabral, and  15  
more received Christ in the church at Batey Central this month totaling
36  more souls added to the Lambs book of
life!  Glory to God!
                                                                                                                 Your Servants For Souls,
                                                                                                                 Bro. Bob and Mary Johnston

                                                                                                                    January, 2016

Dear Supporting Churches and Praying Friends,


I once heard about a pear shaped Regent diamond that was considered to be the most beautiful diamond
ever seen.  It brilliantly reflected light from seventy-four facets.  This gemstone has adorned the crowns of
many kings and was even worn by Marie Antoinette.  Some even say that Napoleon Bonaparte showcased
this diamond in his sword.  I hear that it now resides at the Louvre.  Can you imagine what this jewel could
say if it could talk of all it’s wonderful adventures?  
God also has a jewel with many facets and that is His grace.  This is no ordinary grace that planned a way
for sinful man to be redeemed through the death and resurrection of God’s only Son.  It’s also no common
grace that sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in all believers; and it’s no passive grace that reflects God’s brilliant
love wherever it rests.  This grace can pardon, save, heal, illuminate, endure, give hope and strength, and be
passed on to others.  Grace is not a one-way experience.  As you feed your spirit and soul with God’s word and
minister to others, the brilliant facets of His grace will touch the people you come in contact with every day
and for years to come.
We had the privilege of hosting a group from the Bible College of Bible Baptist Church in Jacksonville, AR
this month and what a blessing they were to us!  On our way to the airport to pick them up, we got caught in
a traffic jam in Santo Domingo.  As I was sitting there in my truck, a young man came up and asked if he
could wash my window. (This happens on almost every street corner)! I explained to him that I had no small
money to pay him and he walked away.  Just then another young man threw his wet sponge
on my windshield.  I tried to tell him that I had no small money to pay him but he just kept on washing.  
When he was done, he came around to my window and he looked up at me and said, “Pastor Wobe, do you
remember me?” I told him that he reminded me of someone I once knew but couldn’t remember who. He
told me his name was Joseph and that he was the grandson of Enilo, a man in the second church we
started in Haiti in 1993.  We only had a few minutes to talk before the traffic began to move again but I
asked him if he was still serving the Lord.  He told me he was a member of an Independent Baptist Church
in the Capital.  He also told me that his grandfather was no longer alive but that he served the Lord until
the day he went home to be with the Lord.  My heart was overwhelmed with joy as Joseph is a 3rd
generation Christian.  Years ago when I witnessed to his family, his grandfather was the 1st to accept
Christ; then Joseph’s parents and now Joseph.  What a joy to know that the brilliant facets of His grace
touched this family and that their faith in Him has stood the test of time.
His grace went even farther this month as we went out witnessing in the different areas and there
were another
27  people who accepted the Lord as their Savior!  2  were saved in Batey Central, 4  in
 3  in Batey #5,  2  in Batey #8,  2  in Couchilla, and  12  people accepted the Lord while visiting a
new area called Batey Santana. Then lastly, on the way home from picking up the group from Arkansas at
the airport, we stopped in a town called Bani to eat supper.  While we were waiting for our food, I noticed 3
small boys around my truck and I went over to talk to them. They were all 3 Haitians and I began to
talk to them about the Lord.  After about 20 minutes,
2  of them prayed and asked the Lord to save them.  
Let’s all remember that His grace is not a one-way experience.  We need to feed our spirit and
soul with God’s word and then go out and minister to others so that this wonderful grace may abound even
more!  God bless you all for your love and faithfulness to us and to the ministry to the Haitian people!

                                                                                                                     Your Servants For Souls,
                                                                                                                     Bro. Bob and Mary Johnston