If you are
going to
pray why
worry and
if you are
going to
worry why
God does not look at how strong your faith
is within; He looks at how much was strong
enough to get out.          ........copied
I used to think that God's gifts were on the
shelves one above the other; and that the
taller we grew in Christian character the
easier we could reach them.  I now find that
God's gifts are on shelves one beneath the
other; and that it is not a question of
growing taller but of stooping lower, and
that we have to go down always to get His
best gifts.                             ..........copied
We are apt to imagine that the cross we have to carry means the ordinary
troubles and trials of life, but we must have these whether we are Christians
or not.  Neither is
our cross suffering for conscience's sake.  Our cross is
something that comes only with the peculiar relationship of a disciple to
Jesus Christ; it is the evidence that we have denied our right to
ourselves.                           ................................copied
God is in every tomorrow.  Therefore I live for today.  
Certain of finding at sunrise, Guidance and strength
for my way;  Power for each moment of weakness, Hope
for each moment of pain, Comfort for every sorrow,
Sunshine and joy after rain.       .................copied
Faith must be tested, because it
can be turned into a personal
possession only through conflict!
The measure of a mans
greatness is not the number of
servants that he has, but the
number of people he
serves.              ................copied
The gospel is good news of mercy to the undeserving.  The symbol
of the religion of Jesus is the cross, not the scales.
                       John Stott

God is most glorified in us
when we are most satisfied in
            John Piper

Grace is the love that gives, that
loves the unlovely and the
           Oswald C. Hoffman

Worry is like a rocking chair; it will give you something to do,
but it will not get you anywhere!                   ...............copied
One hour of real communion
with God is worth more than a
lifetime of everything else
We need to stop looking
outward for our joy and start
looking inward!
Hebrews 11:1 says,  "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of
things not seen."  
              Real faith, always translates into substance!